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Building brains for your business

Brainjar is a company focused on delivering Machine Learning as a Service. We are a brand born from Craftworkz, a prototyping company with a strong focus on AI. After a few years of prototyping experience we decided to take our AI projects to the next level and with Brainjar it is our mission to build fully integrated production­ready Machine Learning applications.

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What we do

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Lean and mean prototypes

Building prototypes is in our DNA, so before you invest in experimental technology, why not let us prove the potential?


Full scale applications

Prototypes are cool, but business value comes from the real world. Matching state­of­the­art technology with production environments and standards can be tricky, but that's what we do best!

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Co­Creation / Education

Domain Experts are an AI's best friend! That's why we love working together with your experts when working on projects. This way we can exchange AI­ and Domain­Knowledge and create kickass applications together!

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What makes us different?

Technology agnostic

Brainjar prides itself on our wide knowledge of algorithms, services, providers, etc. We are always up­to­date with the latest developments, and use this knowledge to design applications perfectly tailored to your needs

Focus on human-in-the-loop

AI systems inevitably lose accuracy over time. Brainjar wants to build systems that are able to continually improve by working together with their human colleagues.

Holistic approach

Brainjar does not solely consist of AI engineers. Since we want to build fully integrated systems, we also employ full stack developers and front­end designers.

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